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Hamilton Lightning Rods Systems would be happy to provide you with a design consultation on your new lightning rod system for your home, farm, or business!

Our design process is simple. We can come to you and inspect the property to be protected. Another option is you can send blueprints via email or US mail, photos or we can google earth your property.

We use UL listed materials. Underwriters Laboratories, a corporation that has been around for more than 100 years. UL is a global safety science company well known for expertise in safety solutions. Hamilton Lightning Rods is one of Underwriters Laboratories listed installers.

We believe protecting your home or business is the most important job, therefore we use the best materials and offer you over 60 years experience protecting people and property from lightning destruction.

Hamilton Lightning Rods Systems team is ready to design your system with our fleet of installers through out the Midwest and the southeast to mid Atlantic.

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