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Routine Maintenance for Lightning Rods for Greater Chicagoland

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One of the most important factors to keeping your residential or commercial structure safe from lightning is doing routine maintenance checks on your existing system. Make sure to inspect an existing system for deficiencies. At Hamilton Lightning Rods we use only UL listed materials and installation methods in compliance with nationally recognized safety standards as recognized by Underwriters Laboratories and the National Fire Protection Association. Hamilton Lightning Rods is also one of Underwriters Laboratories listed installers.

A lightning protection system for residential structures is anticipated to last the life of the home it protects and normally only requires maintenance if a home is changed structurally or mechanically. Such changes might include a new roof, siding or gutters are installed, a property addition, new electrical service or the installation of a satellite dish.

A lightning rod system for a commercial building should be checked periodically, and immediately after a new roof or any roof repairs, installations of anything on the roof, roof mount A/C units, and other mechanicals that have air terminals and cables attached.

Hamilton Lightning Rods Systems will help with all your questions and concerns, with lightning protection. Check out are service area map, one of our trucks could be close to you now.

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