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Fast, Fair and Accommodating

May 28, 2024

I had Tom and his team come out to my property in WI to put up a new system on my barn. They gave me a fair price and came out within a week of calling for a quote. Took only 2.5 hours for the entire project. They even were able to keep the 100 year original rods on the barn for historical reference. I wouldn’t hire anyone else for your lightning rod system needs.


Peace of Mind

March 26, 2024

Where to start… Our home was hit by lightning resulting in a fire starting at the garage. We were blessed the firemen were able to contain it to the garage and save our home but we have been undergoing a lot of structural repairs for fire, smoke and heat damage. If you haven’t ever experienced what it’s like for your home to be struck by lightning, it’s very much like a bomb going off. The fear (especially after a resulting fire) that you are left with is indescribable. After a lot of research online, I found Hamilton Lightning Rod Systems and called. This was on a Thursday. Tom Hamilton was so nice and took so much time listening to my story, never hurrying me along and after probably close to 45 mins tells me when he gets home he will check his calendar to see about coming out. I figured he was out on a job…but no Tom and his wife were on vacation to see their daughter out of state!! This man not only took the time on his vacation but promised to get back with me early the next week when they returned home. He called me as promised and after looking at our home, was able to quickly give an estimate and wasting no time, scheduled for install the following Monday. He and his associate did an amazing job! The following day we experienced a severe thunderstorm with 2″ hail and extreme lightning. We have had two more severe thunderstorms with extreme lightning as well and I have to say that knowing this copper lightning rod system is now on our house has given our family a peace of mind we haven’t had in months. I only wish we would’ve thought to do it sooner. I would like to say that the gratitude I have for Tom Hamilton and the way he truly cared about helping our family is not what you usually find from businesses today. His level of professionalism with that kind of genuine care and concern for people is immeasurable. So honestly, if you’re considering a lightning rod system for your home I want to encourage you to call Tom Hamilton and just go for it. Trust me, it will not only save you money in the long run, but also the headaches and stress of dealing with contractors and insurance claim agents just trying to get your home repaired and back to a liveable condition. I cannot say enough good things about Tom..he is Dependable, Reliable, Honest, Kind and Caring…a true professional in this day and age, where a lot of people in service industriees just see an opportunity and take advantage of people’s situations. Again, don’t hesitate if you’re considering a lightning rod system and you won’t go wrong calling Tom Hamilton!

Julia Burrell

Responsive and efficient.

March 11, 2024

Tom and his crew installed a protection system on our restored wood barn. He was very responsive throughout the whole process from initial inquiry thru completion. He explained answers to any questions we had, and was a pleasure to work with. The installation was quick and efficient. Thank you!


Joe Dziekan

Great installation

November 27, 2023

We needed lightning rods for our church building. Tom was knowledgeable and service-oriented. He took into account our concerns about aesthetics did a great job with the installation. I would highly recommend him.

Ryan Banman

Fixed Lightning rod system

August 14, 2023

Did a great job! Reinstalled lightning Rod system after new roof work.

Shawn OKeefe

Lightning Rod Reinstallation

July 20, 2023

I contacted Tom about removing existing lightning rods before a new roof was installed & reinstalling them after the new roof was finished. He had great communication skills, would explain what needed to be done & was always present when he said he would be. I would highly recommend him & his work. I am truly glad I had Tom do this project.

Sue G

Professional, thorough

July 16, 2023

Contacted Tom for an estimate on lightning rods for our house and free-standing garage. He gave 2 estimates to keep the cost reasonable. Communication was great. The job was done in 3 hours, and we now feel secure. Our area is prone to lightning with nearby lakes and forested edge of our property. Would recommend Tom without hesitation!

Claire Scheele

Thank You

July 16, 2023

After our neighbors house caught fire from lightning last summer and seeing the damage it can cause, getting lightning rods was now a necessity. Tom went above and beyond from our initial first conversation all the way through installing our lightning rods. He is extremely professional and experienced in his field. I would not hesitate reaching out to him if you need lightning rods on your home or business.

Matt P

Flexible & Accommodating Service

July 14, 2023

I had a new construction home and I wanted to protect it from potential lighting strikes. Hamilton Lighting Rods price was competitive, the installation was quick and efficient, and they were able to accommodate my requests for the system. I can happily recommend them to anyone who might want lightning protection system.

Joel K

Excellent Job!

April 25, 2023

Hamilton Lightning Rods Systems did a nice job on the installation for our building. Tom was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him for your job.

Jeff T

Great Job!

April 25, 2023

The level of expertise and professionalism with Tom Hamilton and his team was second to none. I’ve built several homes and have worked with other lightning rod outfits. Tom’s is the very best comparatively. They were prompt with their work, were very accessible and accomodating along the way, and were very fair with pricing. The quality of their work and expertise exceeded the reasonable price for the job.

Michael D

Very happy

April 25, 2023

Almost 15 years ago, during a thunderstorm, we watched our neighbors home get hit by lighting and burn to the ground. We immediately obtained quotes for lightning rods and found Tom Hamilton. His pricing was fair and his work first rate. We were extremely pleased with our results and never worried about summer storms.

David R

Highly Recommend!

April 25, 2023

Tom Hamilton and his crew were great! We received a timely proposal and the work was done in a clean, orderly manner. Knowing our home is protected gives us tremendous peace of mind. The cost is minimal considering the risk and expense of losing your home and family treasures.

Joe S.
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